TourDesk: Day Tour booking software

10. March 2019 • Less than 1 minute read

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One of the larger features of the TourDesk booking software is the ability, it gives Hotels or other entities in the tourism industry, to book Day Tours for their customers from different operators using different supply systems.

TourDesk connects directly to various different systems today, like Bókun, Rezdy, Rezgo, TourCMS and more. Fetching current product information, live availability and booking directly in the operators system. This means that Lobby staff can easily find and book relevant day tours for their customers without having to log into various different systems or trying to reach the operator by e-mail or phone with the customer waiting.

TourDesk's booking software currently offers products from Tour Operators in Iceland, Ireland and some areas of the UK, including Scotland and Northern Ireland. With more following shortly. Don't hesitate contact us if you want us to speed up the process of adding your region/area/country to the pool.

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Erling Gudjohnsen written by:
Erling Gudjohnsen