Introducing Discounts in TourDesk

Promote sales, special offers, or offer guest royalty rewards by using discounts

04. November 2022 • 2 minutes read

TourDesk now offers you the ability to generate discount codes for your front desk staff, reception or concierge using the Agent System. Additionally, the discount codes can be shared with guests and used straight on your Sales Portal.

Here you can find detailed information on how to generate and manage your discount codes!


Why should I use discount codes?

There are many cases where providing a discount code on a tour can be greatly beneficial.

For example – with the goal of increasing direct bookings, you can insert a discount code into your marketing material sent specifically to guests that book direct. You can also make guests aware, that by booking direct they can get a discount, which can lead to increased conversions and your guests feeling appreciated and rewarded!

What discount options can I offer my guests?

The discount feature also offers you to provide a discount to a fixed number of guests. For example, you can offer an Early Bird discount for the first 10 guests to book a specific tour through your Sales Portal. This is a great option to get guests to pre-book their tours and activities.  

You can also create a discount code that’s only valid for guests that make a significant purchase. For example, a discount code only valid for bookings worth more than 100.000 ISK (yeah, we have big numbers here!). You can also use $1000, £500 or whatever currency suits you best. This type of discount can really help push guests from booking just a small portion of their holiday with you, into booking more through your Sales Portal, eventually earning you a higher commission, despite the discount provided!

And in reality – the sky is the limit and it’s just a matter of imagination. If you want to provide your guests with a discount on tours, you now can.

On the practical side – TourDesk takes care of reconciling all discounts. The discounted amount comes from your commission part and is deducted from your next Settlement Report. You don’t have to think about anything other than getting the discount code to your guests and seeing the smiles on their faces!

The discounts are currently capped at 10% to ensure you still get something for your work. If you require a higher discount for your guests, don’t hesitate to contact our support team!

Bryndís Rún Hafliðadóttir written by:
Bryndís Rún Hafliðadóttir
Head of Content