TourCMS - Get my products into TourDesk

Step by step guide on how you get your products into TourDesk when you use TourCMS

17. May 2021 • Less than 1 minute read

TourCMS has a marketplace where you can find TourDesk and propose a commission contract. If you haven't already please start the initial dialogue with us by sending us an email to

Setup a commission contract with TourDesk

  1. Login to your TourCMS account.
  2. Navigate to Partners > TourCMS MARKETPLACE.
  3. Search for TourDesk and click on TourDesk in the results list.
  4. Under Connection select the channel you want to use. Make sure the channel you select is configured so that Booking engine style is set to Booking (not enquiry or quote)
        If you haven't setup a channel you'll need to complete that process first. 
  5. Select Commission scheme according to the agreed upon commission.
  6. Under Connection permission you'll need to select: 3 - Full booking details (Just on own bookings) (Trusted travel agent).

Congratulations you have now completed the TourCMS > TourDesk setup and your products will start to display in the TourDesk system 1 business day after support has confirmed your Proposal.

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Luis Luna