Bookeo - Get my products into TourDesk

Step by step guide on how you get your products into TourDesk when you use Bookeo

14. May 2021 • Less than 1 minute read

You have completed your commission agreement with TourDesk and now you want your products to be directly available to Hotels and other partners through the TourDesk system. If you haven't yet made a commission contract with TourDesk please reach out to us through

Install the TourDesk application into your Bookeo account

Follow this link to start the integration process, if you are not logged in already you'll be prompted to login.,bookings_rwd_own,payments_rwd_own,availability_r,subaccounts_rw

These are the permissions we are requesting:

  • customers_rw_own: create new customers, and read and write customers created by your application
  • bookings_rwd_own: create new bookings, and read, write and cancel bookings created by your application
  • payments_rwd_own: create new payments, and read or delete payments created by your application
  • availability_r: query the availability of products/services for booking
  • subaccounts_rw: permission to get the list of subaccounts in a Bookeo Portal account, and to install the application into subaccounts

Congratulations you have now completed the Bookeo > TourDesk setup and your products will start to display in the TourDesk system 1 business day after support has confirmed your API key.

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Luis Luna