Rezgo - Get my products into TourDesk

Step by step guide on how you get your products into TourDesk when you use Rezgo

14. May 2021 • 1 minute read

You have completed your commission agreement with TourDesk and now you want your products to be directly available to Hotels and other partners through the TourDesk system. If you haven't yet made a commission contract with TourDesk please reach out to us through

Generate API Key

  1. Login to your Rezgo account > Rezgo login page
  2. Navigate to Settings > API Access
  3. Click green button on the right that says: "Create API Key"
  4. Name the key TourDesk
  5. Leave Permitted IPs empty
  6. TourDesk needs permissions: About, Commit, Company, Headers, Search
  7. Click Create Key
  8. Send TourDesk the information: 
  9. To email
  10. Set subject as: "Rezgo API Key"
  11. Include your Company name and...
  12. Company Code (CID).
  13. Key generated when API Key was created.

Create the TourDesk payment method

When this has been completed you'll also need to create a new payment method within your system. Since TourDesk handles all customer service regarding refunds/cancellations and payments to both Suppliers and Resellers all payments must go through TourDesk.

  1. Login to your Rezgo account > Rezgo login page
  2. Navigate to Settings > Accept Payments
  3. Click: "+ Add Manual Payment Method" at the bottom of the page.
  4. Should not be visible (Back-End Terminal Only)
  5. Method name should be: "TourDesk" (casing is important)
  6. Get a Value should be unchecked.
  7. Click Add Payment Method.

Further information on Manual Payment Methods from Rezgo.

Congratulations you have now completed the Rezgo > TourDesk setup and your products will start to display in the TourDesk system 1 business day after support has confirmed your API key.

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