10. July 2020 • 3 minutes read

Like most already know the Icelandic Government decided to give all people who have a registered residence in Iceland and are born in 2002 or earlier, a gift card called Ferdagjof to use while traveling Iceland.

Some people have had some difficulties fetching and/or using the Ferdagjof and that's why we are posting these instructions here.

1. URL and begin to fetch

Go to https://ferdagjof.island.is/ and there click the blue button: "Sækja Ferðagjöf".

2. Sign into Island.is

Next you'll need to sign into Island.is. You can do so either by using a phone certificate(Rafræn skilríki) or by using the IceKey(Íslykill). If you don't have a phone certificate nor the Icekey you can click: "Mig vantar íslykil" or "I need an IceKey". Then you'll get your IceKey sent to your online banking system under Digital Documents(Rafræn skjöl).

When you have completed the sign in the Ferdagjof will have been assigned to your Mobile number.

3. Fetch App or use through Island.is

You can choose to use your Ferdagjof through the Ferdagjof app on Play Store or App store, or simply use the code provided within Island.is. Please be aware that each code you display, be it in the app or on Island.is, is only active for 15 minutes. After that time you'll need to exit the code and generate a new one.

To use the code from Island.is without fetching the App you simply click the blue button "Nota gjöf". There you'll be presented with a barcode that shops can scan and under the barcode you'll see a numeric code that you can enter in online shops to pay.

To use the gift through an App you simply get the app by clicking "Get it on Google Play" or "Available on the App store", when set up you'll see your Ferdagjof there.

4. Usage in App

Open up the Ferdagjof app that you installed and register your mobile number. Use the same number as you used to sign in with your Phone Certificate.

You'll then be texted a confirmation code you'll need to enter on the next screen. Once you have completed entering the correct code you'll be asked to choose a 4 number pin. You'll need to confirm your pin by entering it twice. In the future you'll only need to enter your pin to login.

You should now see your Ferdagjof on this screen in the App. Click the gift to open it.

When you open the gift you'll first see a video greeting. Once it has play through you should see this screen here. Simply click "Nota gjöf" to be presented with the bar code.

Once you click "Nota gjöf" you'll see a bar code like this with a numeric code you can use in the checkout process at komdumed.tourdesk.is.

5. Using the Ferdagjof at Komdu Med

Go to https://komdumed.tourdesk.is , there you'll find one of the greatest variety of day tours and attractions available in Iceland. A lot of the tours are sold at a discount to give you more value for your gift card.

Once you have chosen the tours you want to go on you simply choose to go to Checkout. In the checkout process there's a section called Giftcard (Ferdagjof). There you'll be able to enter the code you where presented with in the app or on Island.is.

If the Ferdagjof does not fully cover the cost of your tour you can pay the remainder with a card.
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Erling Gudjohnsen