How to Send out Automated Messages to your Guests

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26. May 2020 • 4 minutes read
Communicating with your potential or existing guests is one of the most important tasks for all accommodation providers, but also one of the most time-consuming. Have you gotten emails asking at what time check-in starts, if parking is available or about what's the best way to get from the airport to your property? Yes, you have. 

Sending automated messages throughout your guests' journey, keeps them informed of your property and destination, saves you immense time and keeps your guests happier. The setup is much easier than you think, so make time! 

To make matters even easier, we made this guide to assist you with the setup and the use of TourDesk templates. 

Where to set up your Automated message 

You can send your automated messages through many different platforms, but we recommend using your property management system (PMS), channel manager or your guest relationship management system, if you use one.

If you are not using one of these solutions feel free to reach out and we will find the best way to reach your guests.

How to set up your automated message 

All of the platforms are different with different features and steps you need to follow to set it up. Here you can find step-by-step guides for some of our partners' frequently used platforms. 
We would love to assist you with the setup if you are facing any difficulties. 

HTML Email Templates

TourDesk email templates are Html files that have been CSS inlined, in other words, they are email-friendly and include photos and formatted text. The templates help you send out high-quality messages to your guests with few adjustments.

How to import in your system

Most systems support HTML-emails and give you the option to create an HTML email. In the email creator of your system try finding a way to access the source. Usually, there is a button called Source or has these symbols “</>” 
Then open the TourDesk template with a text editor, like Notepad, and copy-paste the code (all the unreadable text) into the platform.

What to keep in mind during the setup 


It’s very important to trigger the automated messages so that it’s sent out to the right guest and at the right time. It wouldn’t, for example, bring much value to send out check-in information to a guest that just cancelled or checked out. Put yourself in your guest shoes and think about what guests would benefit from your information and at what time it would be useful. Use data, like your booking window, to support your decision.


Don’t let your guest ignore your email because of the subject line. We recommend to have it short and descriptive, but eye-catching. 


Did You Arrange Your Airport Transportation?
To be sent shortly before arrival to assist with the travel experience to your destination.

Hoping to help
To be sent to the guest with information on, for example, things to do in your area.

We wanted to make it simple for you
Here you can directly share your TourDesk portal

Customize the templates  

These emails are sent from you and in your name, so you need to do a little customising so it links to your TourDesk site, your and has your logo. TourDesk templates should have instructions on what you need to change, but if there isn’t try pressing all photos and links and see where they take you and change if to your site. 

We find it best to do all the customizing after you import the template into your preferred system.

Change the URL/Link

To change the URL, or the website links, you can simply right click on the place that holds the link (photo, button, text, etc.) and select “edit link/hyperlink” or similar.

If you need to link your TourDesk site to a specific location you can simply swap out the “book” part of the URL to your TourDesk portal name. This way you will link to the recommended place of the template.

If your TourDesk site is and you need to change the You would take the hotelborg part and swap it with book to get:

Make it Live

Set the automated message live. Make some test bookings and if possible share with a few pairs of eyes to make sure the format looks good in all devices and you didn’t forget anything. 

Try finding a way to measure the success of the message, it can be online sales, fewer cancellations or higher reviews, so you can share it with a colleague.

Guide for frequently used solutions 

If you system is missing let us know and we will assist you and update this manual!


You can find the step-by step guide on their support page here
Here you can find the step by step guide to creating an auto-action in your GoDo Property Panel, but you start by navigating to 'Settings' → 'Guest Management' → 'Auto Actions'
You can also reach them at


You can find the step-by step guide on their support page:
In the guide you can find the steps if you navigate to 3.Settings and 3.6 Guest Communications 

Also, you can reach them at


You can find all the information on email templates on their support page here, but the step-by-step guide you can find here. Remember in step 11 in the guide, to change the Design style to HTML.

You can reach their support here


You can find the step-by step guide on their support page here

Since TourDesk and Guestjoy have an integration you can also add us in the concierge page. You can find the guide here

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