3 Email Templates to Inspire Your Guest to Visit Iceland

Help your guests plan their adventure

18. May 2020 • 2 minutes read

We are all wondering, when is the right time to start traveling again? Which country to visit? Where are we safe and sure? It is safe to say that people are more careful and not as impulsive regarding their travel decisions. 

Despite the uncertainty, the desire for travel is there. 

For us, locals, we can understand why Iceland is one of the most attractive destinations for potential tourists. From the beginning, ever since the first case of Covid-19 was diagnosed in late February, hitting the high peak of the virus and until now with almost no active cases, we have always felt safe and healthy.

The TourDesk team has created these three following templates that you can send to your guests, potential guests as well as your target group. It is a short message with beautiful pictures that is meant to remind potential guests what Iceland is all about. Purity, nature, and safety. The size of the country makes it even more appealing, as your guests can explore and experience Iceland alone without a worry of meeting thousands of tourists.

It is extremely easy for you to adjust these templates to work for your TourDesk portal site, what you'll need to do is: 

  • Change the URL behind the “Book now – Thank us Later” button to your TourDesk site.
  • Change the URL behind the waterfall photo and “Latest news” to your TourDesk site. 
  • Change the URL behind the horse photo and “view offers” to your website.

If you are not sure how to change the URL or you don’t know how to access your TourDesk site you can see instructions on the bottom of the page.

Now it is your turn!
The below templates are all simple to setup and send out! If you need any assistance you can contact your account manager or support@tourdesk.is. We are always willing to help!

Here are the examples:

Alone in Iceland

Download template
Bathe in Pure Nature

Download template
Eruptive adventure in Iceland

Download template

Change the URL/Link

To change the URL, or the website links, you can usually just right click on the place that holds the link and select “edit link

Here you can change the link to your direct website or TourDesk site. If it is a link to your TourDesk site, you simply swap out the “book” part of the URL to your TourDesk portal name. This way you will link to the recommended place of the template.


If your TourDesk site is https://hotelborg.tourdesk.is/Tour and you need to change the https://book.tourdesk.is/Tour/Item/3/1/_Pearl_Tour_-_Golden_Circle_Super_Jeep_Tour__Snowmobiling. You would take the hotelborg part and swap it with book to get:

How to visit your TourDesk portal site

If you don’t know how to access your TourDesk portal site (see photo below) you can simply login to your agent account, by visting agent.tourdesk.io.

Then you need to navigate to Portal – “Your portal title” – Basic Settings 

On this page you can find your site under Portal sub-domain.