Bókun - Get my product into TourDesk

Step by step guide on how you get your products into TourDesk when you use Bókun

06. March 2018 • Less than 1 minute read
Bókun has a marketplace where you can find TourDesk and propose a commission contract.

How to setup a Commission contract with TourDesk

  1. Login to Bókun's extranet
  2. Navigate to Contracts > Marketplace
  3. Search for "Tour Desk", set country to All, and type to Seller
  4. Click Seller > + Add as reseller
  5. Setup your contract terms and propose a commission percentage.
  6. Enter a comment and click Send Proposal.
  7. Send us an email to supply@tourdesk.io to notify us about the new proposal ( we get a lot of them and would love to get to know you better.)

Congratulations you have now completed the Bókun > TourDesk setup and your products will start to display in the TourDesk system 1 business day after support has confirmed your proposal. If you have any questions you can always contact our supply department at supply@tourdesk.io. You can also manage all your bookings and your products within the TourDesk system by registering a supplier account with TourDesk at Supplier Registration.
Erling Gudjohnsen written by:
Erling Gudjohnsen