Rezdy - Get my product into TourDesk

Step by step guide on how you get your products into TourDesk when you use Rezdy

09. March 2018 • 1 minute read

Adding your products to TourDesk is the first step in setting up your TourDesk account. As soon as your products are added, your local hotels, guesthouses and hostels can start booking your tours and activities.

Before adding your products to TourDesk, they need to be set to be confirmed “Automatically.” You can check these settings by clicking Menu > Products in the left hand side menu. Then click open a product, click Scheduling in the top menu and scroll down to Confirm bookings and make sure Automatically is selected from the drop-down. Click Save product.

To add your products from Rezdy, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Rezdy account
  2. Click Marketplace > Find Agents in the left-hand side menu
  3. Search for TourDesk with the destination empty
  4. Click on TourDesk
  5. Click Rates 
  6. Click Send Your Rates
  7. Under Rate, select an existing rate or create a new rate via the More Actions menu. Rates are used to determine TourDesk’s commission etc.
  8. Under Payment details, choose Full payment to agent from the Agent payment drop-down. TourDesk handles all payments, reseller commission,s and customer inquiries regarding refunds (according to the supplier’s cancellation policy). TourDesk also handles the payment to you, the supplier. 
  9. Adjust the Agent Permissions. Check the box for Can update orders attached to their agent code but you can leave the Can override the products prices per order unchecked.  
  10. Click Add agent.
  11. Write us a message and click Send your Rates
  12. Send us an email to to notify us about your proposal and our Supply team will be in touch with you.

Your products will start to display in TourDesk system 48 hours after our supply team has confirmed your proposal. When your products have been added to TourDesk, we recommend you review your products. Make sure they follow our recommendations on photos, description and other information so they’re bookable and as attractive as possible to your resellers. 

If you have any questions you can always contact our supply department at

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Luis Luna