TourDesk is a comprehensive tour booking service used by Hotels, Hostels and Guesthouses around the world.

A comprehensive tour-booking service for Hotels, hostels and guesthouses.

About TourDesk

TourDesk, founded in 2013.

The white-label software solution not only allows the desk staff to easily and securely book tours for the guests, but also allows the guests themselves to look over the selection and book tours on their own.

The user interface can be personalized to integrate perfectly with your brand; everything from the website's URL to the selection of tours on your offer can be adapted to fit the needs of your business and your customers. This feature of the TourDesk service opens up new revenue streams, by allowing people to book tours before their arrival, by email, or up in their rooms. A real-time connection with the vendors ensures that tour availability is always up-to-date, thus eliminating booking errors.

The sales-driven business model is based on high-quality customer service. By making sure that the customer knows about the tours on offer and has around-the-clock access to booking them, with or without any assistance, TourDesk is dedicated to increasing your revenue, increasing the level of service to your customers and reducing work for your staff.

TourDesk won't create any extra costs, just increase your revenue and make your life easier.
Personalized tour-booking service for hotels to increase their revenue.

Board of directors

Gunnar Guðjónsson

Ólafur Jóhannesson

Sigurthor Marteinn Kjartansson

Board of directors

Meet the team

Hjörtur Atli Guðmundsson

Erling Gudjohnsen

Chus Munguía

Sales & Supply

Gauti Elfar Arnarsson
Sales Representative

Margrét Theodórsdóttir

Karen Einarsdóttir
Supply Manager

Ólafur Örn Helgason
Supply Manager

Vanesa Burgos
Regional Manager, Spain


Lovísa Mjöll Jónsdóttir
Customer Support

Monika Kosińska
Customer Support

Rafal Graliński
Customer Support

Signe Fogelqvist
Customer Support


David Einarsson

Luis Luna Font

Mario Curavić

Saša Kajfeš


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